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Susan StrongSUSAN C. STRONG, Ph.D., founded the Metaphor Project in 1997, to assist progressives and liberals in mainstreaming their messages by framing them as part of the ideal American story. She is also the author of Move Our Message: How to Get America's Ear. She brings a broad range of experience to her work with the Metaphor Project--from academic to activist.

From 1980 to 1983. she  served as a Visiting Lecturer at  U.C. Berkeley's Rhetoric Department and also at the Communications Department of St. Mary's College, Moraga (1982-1985). She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from U.C. Berkeley. Her thesis examined some key examples of Enlightenment political rhetoric in narrative; her theoretical orientation at the time was based on The New Rhetoric. Since leaving the academic world, she has continued to do interdisciplinary research in the fields of American Studies, American political rhetoric, communications, metaphor and social change, framing and other topics relevant to the work of The Metaphor Project. Today The Metaphor Project focuses on practical application of the theoretical findings of modern cognitive science, particularly in the work of George Lakoff, Drew Westen, and Jonathan Haidt.

Beginning in 1985, Susan focused more of her day to day work on being an activist leader, non-profit strategist, staff writer, and columnist about issues of peace, environment, and ecological sustainability. She is a former Senior Research Associate at the Center for Economic Conversion (Mountain View) and a former Peace Action National Board member, representing California. She also served as National Peace Action Strategy Co-Chair and was a co-founder of the original Peace Action Peace Economy Campaign. She was a co-founder of The 'Who's Counting?' Project as well.

Her writing has been published on OpEdNews, Alternet, Common Dreams, in The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Sacramento Bee, The Quaker Eco-Bulletin, The Michigan Citizen, Connections, and nationally syndicated by Pacific News Service and The Progressive Media Project, among many other venues. She also blogs on The Daily Kos, where her screen name is SusanCStrong. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Wiser Earth, and Facebook as well.

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