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-New Article:
Framing a “Why vote?” Message 10.17.14

-New Article: Faming Climate Change Action Now: Advice, Slogans, & the Necessity Frame:
see http://www.dailykos.com/user/SusanCStrong 9.11.14

-New Article
: Stopping the Mega-Corp Coup 8.31.14

-As of 7.29.14, updates to our 2015 calendar, Groups Served list, Home page announcements, What People Say About The Metaphor Project list, and our Video & Audio page. Biggest news: January 9, 2015 Susan C. Strong speaks at TedxVail Women, held at the Vilar Center, Beaver Creek, CO. Also, we're looking to launch the new version of our website late this fall.

-As of 6.21.14, many edits and updates to existing pages on this site, as well as additions to the Announcements.

-Update for 7.16.14 at Netroots '14: Netroots Nation ’14 Conference opens; possible American Framing salon after check-in time at my conference hotel, time/place tba; contact susanrcstrong@gmail.com in advance if interested.

-Updates and new details in our 2014 Calendar for July 2014 Midwest events:
Our 2013-2014 Calendar so far

-Many Revised Pages: As we have been getting more and more deeply into our site redesign project, we've been moving, editing, or recombining a lot of our current pages and finding a lot of out-of-date material that is now being corrected! This process is ongoing right now, so do check back to pages of interest to you. The site map can be your guide, as it changes with these changes 

-New Article: Say “Let’s get to climate safety fast!” 4.26.14

-New Page:
What People Say about The Metaphor Project

-New Article: National Security: Going “Up” or “Down?” 3.07.14

-New 2014 Calendar events: see especially our Midwest swing 7.08 - 7.16 for opportunities available to sponsor   American Framing events locally. (listed in our 2013-2014 Calendar item under About).

-New Youth Advisor (in About), & new VIP Frames section (home page)

-New online audio link info for an American Framing Workshop for 340.bayarea.org on divestment (home page)

-New Article: SOS: Framing the Climate Protection Act Now 1.11.14

-New Article:
Reframing “Obamacare” Now 11.30.13

-New Items: New info on
Our 2013-2014 Calendar so far, and new VIP frame on Home page.

-New Article: Framing Climate Change Action Now 11.02.13

-See Home Page Announcement re seeking feedback on what a new MP site needs!

-New Article: Re Syria: Say “We Can Do Better than Bombs!” 9.06.13

-New Article: Say: “'True' Public Safety Means Prevention!” 7.20.13

-Ebook version of Move Our Message: How to Get America's Ear launches 6.20.13! Plus detailed June conference news, all on our home page under New Announcements, top of page.

-New Article:
Say: “Make Social Security Fair.” 4.28.13

-New Article: Guns, Nukes, Dollars, and the One Big Family Frame 3.16.13

-New Article:
Tell the Media Again: Say “Safety,” not “Control!” 2.01.13

-12.14.12 Updates in Metaphor Project News, in our home page event calendar, bookstore list, quotes about our book, and our home page intro paragraph

-New Article:
Say: Cut Military 'Corporations' Instead 12.14.12

-New article: Counter-frame the Economy! Three Ways to Avoid Their Words 11.02.12

-New article: How to “Speak American” When You GOTV 9.21.12

-New article: Counter-frame It! How to Stop Using Their Words 8.10.12

-New 8.10.12 entries on the Metaphor Project News  page

-New Article:
Let’s Get Beyond Left “Groupspeak” Now! 6.29.12

-New Article: Let’s All Say “Cards on the Table,” Again! 6.01.12

-new reader comments and a new review of our Move Our Message as of 6.01.12



-a new Announcement about summer conferences, and new Groups Served entries. The first two are on our HOME page, the last one is part of our ABOUT section, under the WHO WE ARE link.

-New Article: We’re Pro-100%____? 4.13.12

-New ways to get the book listed on our home page

-E-store link for Move Our Message: How To Get America's Ear (on every page)

-New Article:
Reframing Climate Change Now 3.02.12

-New Article: Re Iran: Say 'Think Outside the Box!' 1.27.12

-Tax-deductible DONATE BUTTON added to our Donate page and to left side bar of all other pages

-New Article:
Occupy Congress Today! Protect the 99%! 12.01.11

-New Article: Protect the 99% Right Now! 12.01.11 (long version with full

-New Article:
Spring the Super Trap! 10.29.11

-New Article: Speaking to America’s Broken Heart 9.23.11

-New Article: Telling the “Set America Free!” Story 7.29.11

-New Article: Say Credit Rating, not Debt Limit! 5.23.11

-New Article: Use the 'One Big Family' Frame! 4.10.11

-New Article:
American Dream or American Sword? 2.24.11

-New Article: Framing “Our American Budget” 1.28.11

-The 2010 Metaphor Project News: Metaphor Project News

-New Article: Framing the Right’s Nuclear Gamble 12. 11.10

-New Article: Countering the Right’s “American” Con 11.18.10

-New Article: Let’s “Reinvent America!” 9.29.10

-New Article:
Popping The Have’s “Credibility Bubble “ 7. 22.10

-New Article: Framing “Fair Elections:” The Dream of America! 5.28.10

-New Resource: Some American “Breakthrough” Language

-New Article: Cards on the Table! 4. 29.10

-New Article: Got American Breakthrough Language? 3.28.10

-New Article: The “Big Business Thugs!” 2.18.2010

-New Article: Say 'Rules,' Not 'Regulation' l.17.10

-New Article: Framing Earthgate After Copenhagen 12.16.09







-New Article: Framing Afghanistan as a Snare, Trap, or a Trick 11.28.09

-All of our 2008 - 2009 Daily Kos pieces  to date are now included in the Examples section of this site. Use the search function  to find the topics that interest you the most!

-New Article:
The Really Bad Frame: “bury the bubble economy” 10.15.09

-We've just filled in the gap between  2006 and 2009 on our  Metaphor Project News page! Those have been three of the most exciting years in the Metaphor Project's existence, and there's a lot to report.

-There are also two new pages under the About link: What We Do and What We Offer.

-New Article: Smart Healthcare Includes Preventive Earthcare 9.25.09

-As of 9.26.09, all links in the resource sections of the Framing pages have been reactivated or corrected.

-Metaphor Project News - 8.03.09:

The Metaphor Project goes to Netroots 2009!
Look for us at the Netroots Nation conference in Pittsburg, PA, August 13-16, in the Exhibit Hall, in the 'Democracy Begins At Home!' booth, near the Netroots booth.

MP Post: American 'Truth Bites' 9.10.08 

MP Post: The Metaphor News: July - August 2008

MP Post: Re Iran: More Cool It Citizens! 6.13.08

MP Post:
MP Alert: Re Iraq: Lifting, Not Withdrawing 5.30.08

MP Post:
Food and Taxes 4.28.08

MP Post:
Taking America Forward 3.31.08

MP Post:
The 'Health Care' Fallacy 2.27.08

MP Post: Revisiting The One Big Family Frame 1.14.08 

The new Speaking American Kit is ready: Services and Publications

New Groups Served:
Some Groups Served

MP Post:
Re Torture: Pain Breeds Lies 12.01.07

MP Post: An 11th Hour Sequel 10.1.07

MP Post:
The Goal: An Ecocide-free Economy 7.31.07

MP Post: Re the Iran Trap! 6.16.07

MP Post: Veto-proofing Congress Now 5.30.07

New Section on Visual Metaphor:
Visual Metaphor

MP Post: Leapfrog Climate Conflict Now 4.23.07

MP Post Archive: Examples MP Post Archive

MP Post:
Re Iran: The 'Cool It' Option 3.13.07

MP Post:
What the Mom AND Pop Party Needs 2.23.07

MP Post:
The Story That Works 1.20.07

MP Post:
Metaphor Project News: 12.15.06 - 9020 Hits, 43 Countries

Repair of Contact page e-mail address bug

Printing Tip: for best results, copy MP resources to your hard drive to print.

Why 'Speak American?' (essay format)

MP Post:
Wrong on Terror 11.03.06

The Metaphor Project Web site has been entirely redesigned, refocused, and rewritten as of its November 12, 2006 re-launch date.