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Haidt, John:

Another valuable resource for thinking about communicating with mainstream Americans is the work of Professor Jonathan Haidt. See the following websites:




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On Bridging to Enduring American Values:

The general importance of framing our own messages by 'bridging' them to 'enduring American values' has been validated by numerous polls and research projects reported by The Frameworks Institute, The Strategic Values Project, and American Environics. See especially the latter's latest Social Values Research and Politics report:


http://www.thebreakthrough.org Search this site for the Strategic Values Overview


Susan Nall Bales of Frameworks Institute has also written very clearly about the vital role of enduring American cultural metaphor in framing. Her essay, 'Reframing Community Messages through Myths and Metaphors,' is an excellent resource. Search Google for its current location. 

Also on the Frameworks site http://www.frameworksinstitute.org  see:

Issue No. 29, Framing Lessons from the Social Movements Literature.

Frameworks' Issue 1 Bridging also has very clear advice about using metaphors for bridging under the section called Role No. 4: Use Metaphors to Bridge.

In Framing Public Issues, in Section 3, Thinking Strategically About Framing, there is a good section entitled 'Metaphors and Simplifying Models.'

Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.'s, 'From the Self Making Person to Opportunity for All: Rethinking Our Thinking on Race,' is an excellent 2006 Frameworks resource that demonstrates the progressive bridging process used with traditional American values.

On American Cultural Models, Identity and Worldviews:

Cultural Logic: http://www.culturallogic.com

Links to other Selected Sources sections: Metaphor and Social Change, Language and Media Work, Framing, American Studies, Sources for Free Polling Results