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MP Services include coaching, talks of various types, and several kinds of workshops described below, all provided by Founder and Executive Director Susan C. Strong, Ph.D. Sliding scale donations to the Metaphor Project are requested for most of our services and publications. Contact us to be considered for pro bono status.  


Coaching in person or by telephone or telephone conference call
is available at a sliding scale rate.


Speaking American, 
a 30 minute general introduction to the subject, with 30 minutes of time for answering questions

Speaking American About (your issue or concern), a 30 minute introduction to the subject, framed in terms of your issue, with 30 minutes of time for answering questions


Speaking American Demonstration Workshop, a one and 1/2 hour workshop demonstrating the American framing tools, steps, and methods described in Speaking American (Nutshell Version) in the American Framing Steps section under Resources.

Speaking American Workshop, a three hour workshop, uses the American Framing Steps, tools, and methods to help participants create actual language for their specific issue projects.


Move Our Message: How to Get America's Ear, by Susan C. Strong, is our recent book. Please see the item and link on our home page for information about this book.