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What We Offer

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 What We Offer 


The Metaphor Project offers coaching, workshops, and talks to individuals and organizations in two ways, pro bono and sliding scale.


Pro Bono:


~Free Do-It-Yourself Resources and Tools on The Metaphor Project

   website include:


 American Framing Steps   

 Some American Story Elements that Evoke Core Values

 Some American Metaphor Categories

 Some American Change Language

 Red, Blue and Purple

 Examples: MP Post Archive

 See our Site Map for more.


~Free membership in the Metaphor Project Network:


          This is our national and international online activist network.

~Free subscription to Metaphor Project Monthly Posts


Members of the Metaphor Project Network receive a monthly post about language for a current topic of critical interest. Network members are encouraged to forward the posts to their own contacts, if they wish.

~Pro Bono coaching, talks, or workshops for qualified recipients.

See Services and Publications for more details.


Sliding scale:


The Metaphor Project offers coaching, talks or workshops to progressive activists, organizations, and ecologically sustainable small businesses for a sliding scale rate. See Services and Publications for more details.

For our vision and methods, see
What We Do

For information about our results, see
 Some Groups Served and Metaphor Project News.