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On Bringing Peace Back -June 2005

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From The Metaphor Project News, #5, Part 2, June 1, 2005:


-Support Our Troops—Take the next STEP!

-Support Our Troops—Send the Right Signal!

-Stop Nuke Spread! Start at Home!

-Keep Space Open Space!

Many antiwar progressives have been stumped lately about how to avoid appearing to attack our rank and file soldiers who are stuck in the middle of the Iraq conflict. I have also heard some powerful liberal critique of solving the problem by praising their courage, since they are under orders and must do what they do or face dire consequences from their superiors. Public ceremonies and exhibits mourning those killed have been a popular solution of late. But now is a good time to take the next step, as the House of Representatives has just made quite a showing with 128 members voting to support the Woolsey Amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill mandating developing a plan for withdrawal from Iraq. (see http://www.antiwar.com/orig/jeserich.php?articleid=6094)
Re taking the next step and sending the right signal, the Friends Committee on National Legislation has info about a local resolutions campaign (STEP) calling for a formal public U.S. commitment to declare we have no imperial interest in Iraq at www.fcnl.org/iraq/index.htm. There are also new calls for specific exit strategy proposals from Code Pink and others that could be combined with the STEP resolutions campaign as progressive consensus develops.

-Stop Nuke Spread! Start at Home! - probably needs no explanation, but McNamara and Ellsberg both spoke

eloquently recently at the UN Review Conference on The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, as reported by Common Dreams on May 11, 2005. www.commondreams.org/news2005/0511-08.htm.

-Keep Space Open Space!- refers, of course, to the Administration's new push for space based missile defense aka full spectrum dominance or rods from God. (See http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0531-26.htm.)