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What's At Stake

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The idea that America has the potential to be different embodies a core truth. Today we have lost touch with what government was like in the world before the American Revolution. But when our forefathers, flawed as they and their work were, set out to create a country governed by the people and without a king, they were unique in the world and widely believed to be crazy and certain to fail.

Today, the American dream of democratic government by the people, of the people and for the people, of religious freedom, equality, opportunity, and prosperity for all is still a revolutionary force in the rest of the world. This is true despite the scale of our nation's current betrayals. Mark Hertsgaard has written extensively about this in his 2003 book, The Eagle's Shadow. We cannot afford to just throw out the power of our potential. We must use it to lead our nation toward living by the best American values, not just talking about them or covering up lies with them. - Link to the next section of this essay: Quick Guide to Answering Other People's Objections