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American Change Language

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(This set of language includes views of all sides)

Positive Change:

Good will triumph.

Everything new is good.

Everything is possible.

Innovation is good.

Being innovative is good.

Things will improve.

Improvements are good. Everything can be improved.

We can improve ourselves. 'New, improved. . .'

'Are you better off now than you were before?'

We are making progress.

'Progress is our most important product.'

We can fix it. We can turn it around.

We can find a cure. We can succeed with hard work.

We can be socially mobile.

We should always be moving toward greater security and prosperity.

Hard work and long hours will make things better.

Change is good. Change comes in continuous steps.

Change is constant. Change grows from choice.

Change grows out of self-expression.

Change means continuous improvement and growth.

Individuals make good changes happen.

Teams make good changes happen.

Leaders make good changes happen.

One's old boy or old girl network will create the change.

Desirable change comes from the people, the grass roots.

Desirable change comes from the private sector.

Desirable change comes from a techfix.

Desirable change comes from government leveling the playing field.

Desirable change comes from government stimulus.

Desirable change comes from government regulation.

Desirable change comes from getting government out of the way.

Democracy creates positive change, choice, self-expression.

Capitalism creates positive change, choice, self-expression.

An aroused public will demand change.

If people get mad there will be change.

If there is a big enough crowd, team, mob, or swarm, there will be change.

Strength in numbers will create change.

If we are united, there will be change.

If we have a debate or discussion about it, change will occur.

What To Do About Bad Things

We will throw the rascals out.

Anything bad will be reformed, renewed, revitalized, redeemed, restored, saved, or purified.

Anything bad will be controlled or eliminated. . . people, dirt, homelessness etc.

Negative Ideas Of Change

We like home sweet home just the way it is.

Things are getting worse.

The country is changing for the worse.

Things are getting out of control.

The crooks at the top are winning.

The crooks/terrorist/slackers at the bottom are winning.

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