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Move Our Message: How to Get America's Ear

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What People Say About Move Our Message: How to Get America's Ear:

Move Our Message is the framing/messaging handbook for organizers. This book will help you  write and speak Americanese to those audiences you want to reach. Try it, you'll love it. I use its ideas when I speak to audiences who have just watched my film.

--Donald Goldmacher, MD, Producer, www.Heist-themovie.

Congratulations on the book. I did pick up a copy, and I think it's a great resource.

--Patrick Reinsborough, Co-Director, smartMeme/Center for Story-Based Strategy


I found your book very, very interesting. 

--Jim Cason, Associate Executive Secretary for Campaigns, FCNL [Friends Committee on National Legislation], (Washington, D.C.)


Worth re-reading! 
I was at a MoveOn Council meeting last Sunday, and both of the members who had been at Susan’s American Framing workshop in Dublin, CA brought their copies of Move Our Message  to hold up and tell people how valuable it was. One of them said he was about to start reading it for the second time.  

--Cilla Raughley, Regional MoveOn Council Leader (Palo Alto, CA) 


This book teaches speaking to the heart. 
Susan Strong's new book Move Our Message:  How to Get America's Ear is filled with information to help you get your point across effectively.  Although rooted in scientific knowledge about human communication, the book follows its own principles by not belaboring the reader with pages of dry verbiage. Instead, the book gives brief and clear explanations and examples--lists--of words that work and why.  This book will be valuable to anyone who wants to write effective letters to the editor or messages to elected officials or to give pithy presentations in public meetings.  It can help you learn how to speak to the listener’s heart, which is the surest way to get through to your audience. With this kind of guidance, we progressives and liberals can get over our old habit of avoiding the very thing that works best.

--Judy Bertelsen, M.D., Activist, (Berkeley, CA) 


'I'm learning a lot from your book.'

--Phoebe Sorgen, Activist Leader and Political Candidate, (Berkeley, CA)


This book is a Must Read! With today's world situation teetering on the edge chaos we need all the help we can get.This is such an important book, that it should be read by every high school, college student and anyone interested in finding some REAL solutions. Insightful, practical, thoughtful, and doable. I can't recommend this one enough! Thanks, Ms. Strong. 

 --Ann Riley, Activist, (El Cerrito, CA United States)  


Every progressive should read this book! It’s a primer for getting the message out and fighting the force-fed fear environment we live in. Progressives need this book to recapture the message from the Republican owned media. A good read.

--Lou Kent, (East Bay, CA, U.S.)


Help is on the way! We liberals and progressives need real guidance about how to fight back against those who hijack our way of life with deceptive language. We deserve concrete, practical help with finding language that tells the truth and works too. This book provides all of that and more; I felt very empowered and encouraged by Move Our Message!

--Dale Zola, Activist, (Oakland,CA) 

Practical advice on progressive messaging! This book is awesome for progressives who want to implement the views of George Lakoff (the Don't Think of an Elephant guy.) It contains concrete metaphors related to today's issues. The author also talks about the importance of speaking American, meaning invoking cherished American stories about who we are as a people. Our country is drowning in propaganda, and progressives need to use language to espouse our truths and values. This book is an important tool.  

--Eloise Hamann, Ph.D., Activist, (Dublin, CA) 


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