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This page is the gateway to the Metaphor Project's most popular online resources. In the section called American Framing Steps, you will find an introduction to the actual technique of 'speaking American,' and two updated step-by-step guides for doing it, a nutshell version and a more detailed version. (Printing Tip: for best results, copy MP resources to your hard drive to print.)

In the section titled American Framing Tools, we have put the latest set of American Story Elements, American Metaphor Categories, a list of commonly used American 'change' language, a section called 'Red, Blue, and Purple,' which sorts the American Story Elements by their most common political ties, the set of Criteria for evaluating language created using our two 'speaking American' step-by-step guides, and an expanded set of reflections about criteria for success drawn from MP workshops over the years.

Under the category Examples, there are collections by date of the most frequently referred to MP Posts since the year 2000 on language useful for topics in the fields of American Politics, Peace, Social Justice, and Environmental Sustainability.

The Services and Publications page, Services and Publications describes MP coaching services, talks, different kinds of workshops, and our publications.