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Some Groups Served

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Many nonprofit organizations,their media staff, church groups, educational institutions or individuals representing them, have been served by The Metaphor Project since its founding in 1997.

Widely recognized within the progressive community, the MP is also listed in online framing resource rosters by such organizations as The Commonweal Institute, In These Times (under Message Shapers in their Link Directory), NP Action, The Story of Stuff, The Sightline Institute, and Progressive Spirit, to name just a few. 

Some key individual organizations or people involved

     - The Nonprofit Partnership, Erie, PA (workshops)
     - Ann Arbor Friends Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI (talk)
     - Friends General Conference, California, PA, 2014 (interest group)
     - New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Albuquerque, NM
     - Great Climate March, Long Beach, CA (training)
     - 350BayArea.org (workshops on fracking and on divestment)
     - Obama for America, Dublin, CA (talk)
     - Friends General Conference, Greeley, CO, 2013 (interest group)
     - League of Women Voters, (Berkeley, Albany - talk)
     - Bay Area Roots Camp (American Framing discussion)
    Friends House, Santa Rosa (talk)
    Fibershed.com (workshop)
     -  San Mateo Peace Action Meeting (talk)
     -  East Bay Peace Action Annual Gathering (talk)
     -  Shelley Tanenbaum, Clerk, Quaker Institute for the Future (coaching)
    Jim Lindburg, Legislative Director, Friends Committee on Legislation
        of California (FCLCA)
     -  Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends 2012 (workshop demo)
     -   MoveOn Mid-Peninsula American Dream Council, Redwood City, CA
     Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley [Kensington, CA],(talk)

  • MoveOn Council of Marin County, CA (workshop)
  • Frank Burton, for Northern, Central, and Contra Costa County MoveOn Councils, CA (coaching)
  • Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center (talk)
  • San Ramon Valley Democratic Club (talk)
  • Occupy Eugene, OR, Media, (talk & tv interview)
  • Lamorinda Democratic Club (talk)
  • Trivalley MoveOn & Trivalley Democratic Club (workshop)
  • The Climate Reality Project, Northern California Region (talk)
  • Don Goldmacher, filmmaker, Heist:The Movie (coaching)
  • Kivi LeRoux Miller, principal, www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com
  • David Korten, John Cavanaugh, and The New Economy Working Group
  • Doug Cohen, The Climate Action Network
  • M. Paloma Pavel and Carl Anthony, The Breakthrough Communities Initiative 
  • Mary White, Women's Environmental Art Directory Board, San Francisco Bay Area, California
  • Daniel Hunter, Health Defenders, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Betsy Morris and Raines Cohen, Planning for Sustainable Communities
  • Susan Burns, Managing Director, The Global Footprint Network
  • Judy Lumb and Sandra Lewis, Co-Editors, Quaker Eco-Bulletin
  • Take Back America 2008 Conference, Session on 'Speaking American About Our Issues'
  • The 2007 Progressive Roundtable, San Francisco, CA (Participant)
  • The Alvarado Group
  • Betsy Morris, Acting Director, proposed New College of California MBA Program (green business focus)
  • Heath Wickline, Executive Director, The SPIN Project, the 'Telling American Stories' presentation
  • Polle and Jock Mackinlay, Where's The Math? (www.wheresthemath.com)
  • Lynn Fahselt and Peter Ferenbach, The Peace and Security Media Collaborative
  • Becky Mills, The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees
  • The Emergency Summit to Prevent War with Iran, U.C. Berkeley
  • The Declaration of Peace Campaign
  • Earth-Works Action
  • Alternet
  • The Opportunity Agenda
  • The 2006 SPIN Academy
  • The U.S. Partnership for the (UN) Decade of Education For Sustainable Development
  • The City of Cambridge, MA Peace Commission
  • The Seeds of Peace Committee, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Morristown, NJ
  • The 2005 SPIN Academy 
  • Democracy For America, Alameda County, CA
  • The Progressive Communicators Network
  • Pace E Bene
  • Peter Barnes and Jonathan Rowe, Executive Director, The Tomales Bay Institute
  • Wade Hudson and Reaching Beyond the Choir with The Wellstone Democratic Club and the Commonweal Institute
  • Carol Brouillet & The 9-11 Truth Alliance
  • Van Jones, Executive Director, The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
  • The Designs on Democracy Conference (3/2004)
  • The Environmental Section, Alameda County League of Women Voters
  • The 2003 East Bay Earth Charter Conference
  • Jason Mark, when at Global Exchange
  • Bill Shireman, co-author of What We Learned in the Rainforest; President, Future 500; CEO, Global Futures
  • San Francisco Indymedia
  • Strategic Impact
  • Professor Ruth Malone, U.C. San Francisco
  • Peter Ferenbach, when Executive Director, California Peace Action; Berkeley, CA
  • Juliette Beck when at Global Exchange
  • Professor Michael Nagler, author of Is There No Other Way? and Metta: The Center for Non-Violence Education
  • The Bay Area FTAA Coalition and The Bay Area FTAA Media Committee
  • Robin Freeman, Merritt College Environmental Program
  • Kathleen Weaver, Critical Thinking, Vista College
  • Ann Hancock, when at Sustainable Sonoma
  • Sonoma County Eco-Writers
  • The 2010 Netroots California Conference

Some public workshop sponsors have included:

  • CompassPoint
  • The Ecology Center
  • Media Alliance
  • The Gathering Conferences
  • Hanover Street Eco-Village
  • The 1997 Natural Step Community Conference