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Visual Metaphor

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Although almost all verbal metaphor works by calling up visual images in our minds, today's shift to a more visual culture means new interest in metaphor created by fusing two images to suggest a new idea. My favorite contemporary example of this kind of visual metaphor is THE EARTH IS A FRIED EGG on the cover of TIME magazine for April 9, 2001. The  image is a visual metaphor of the Earth as a fried egg inside an iron skillet, re global warming. To see the image, try the following link:


To find more information about Visual, Pictorial and Multimodal Metaphor:

Search Google Images for 'Visual Metaphor' and Google Web for 'Theory of Visual Metaphor.'


YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/  is an increasingly rich source of visual metaphor as well. Search for: visual metaphor. See also:




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