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Metaphor Project Board Members and Advisors

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Tom Atlee, President, The Co-Intelligence Institute

Edwin Bernbaum Ph.D.
, Fellow, The Sacred Mountains Program, The Mountain Institute; Author; Lecturer; Myth Expert

Christina Bertea
, Sculptor and Green builder

Bridget Connelly Ph.D.
, Associate Professor Emerita, Dept. of Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley

Lois Jones
, former Green Business City Planner, City of Berkeley

Ken Lebensold Ph.D.
, President, The New Moral Vision

Robin Standish, NGO Development Advisor, Writer 


Emily Bookstein,
Youth Advisor

Don Goldmacher,
Filmmaker, Heist: Who Stole the American Dream [and what we can do about it!]

Roger Pritchard, Management Guru

Laurie Saunders, Lawyer

Richard D. Strong
, Editor

Silvia Swigert
, Educational Pyschologist


Robert Mackinlay Photography,
photograph of Susan C. Strong, Founder and Executive Director